Livestock Identification and Pest Control
Systems are not a sideline     
                         – they’re our business.
For more than 35 years, Y-TEX has employed extensive product research and testing to develop innovative, superior quality products that meet the demands of livestock producers around the world. This attention to detail, combined with skilled craftsmen and state of the art manufacturing facilities, assures superior product quality, reasonable prices, and superb customer satisfaction. These attributes have made Y-TEX a world leader in the manufacture of quality livestock identification and pest control systems.


THE DEVELOPMENT of effective, economical and convenient products for improving the production and management of livestock has been a mission of Y-TEX Corporation since its beginning in 1967. Starting with the unique Lone Star® one-piece tag, Y-TEX patented and developed several sizes and colors of this identification tag and introduced it into livestock markets around the world. This pioneer tag lead to important innovations in both one and two-piece tag designs. In subsequent years, Y-TEX has developed and introduced numerous models of popular one-piece tags, the E-Z-AP® and the Y-TEX Feedlot™ tag, and its unique All-American® design of two-piece tags.

OUR ENGINEERS test and retest our products, making possible several improvements in formulation and mold design that have lead to products that last longer and that are tamper-proof and have guaranteed retention on the animal. The unique application tool for the two-piece tags, the UltraTagger®Plus, was developed originally as a heavy, cast aluminum tool, but newer high-impact plastic technologies and innovative design by Y-TEX engineers transformed it in 1986 into a lightweight, durable tool manufactured from a high-tech, reinforced engineering thermoplastic. In recent years, Y-TEX engineers have developed unique newer models of identification tags, including tamper-proof tags, double-panel tags and radio frequency identification tag systems.

SINCE 1975, Y-TEX has been a world leader in the development of insecticide ear tags for pest control on cattle. Our researchers have developed ear tags based upon chlorpyrifos, permethrin, cypermethrin, diazinon, zetacypermethrin and piperonyl butoxide, and we have been selling safe and effective insecticide cattle ear tags since 1976. Y-TEX holds several patents for its insecticide cattle ear tags and currently has registrations in 13 countries to which it exports its popular brands of insecticide tags. Y-TEX pioneered the design of the patented Snap-Lok  collar in insecticide ear tags, since adapted to identification tags, for guaranteed retention on animals.

Y-TEX HAS BECOME A LEADER in the development of other forms of insecticide treatment of livestock and horses. Y-TEX was the first company to develop a safe, effective, concentrated formulation of 10% permethrin for direct pour-on treatment of cattle and swine, making possible a low-volume dosage, reducing dramatically the volume of pesticidal liquid applied to animals and introducing significant savings in freight and package disposal costs. This product, Brute®, has since been adapted for horses where it has been proven to be safe and effective against biting pests.

In the ONGOING EFFORT to continue the introduction of innovative products to the livestock market Y-TEX invests significant dollars in research and development each year to ensure high product quality, performance and efficacy.











You Name It,

     We'll Make It!

Y-TEX custom imprints identification ear tags fast and at a low cost.

Choose from special numbers, unique letters, your brand, herd prefix, name, phone number or special logo.

     Tags are hot stamped with dye and are
     guaranteed legible for four years!


                Y-TEX RFID TAGS


The new Y-TEX RFID tag has been engineered from the ground up.  Its unique transponder provides superior read distance, retention and durability and is easily activated.  Its excellent modulation enables the tag to have first-rate performance in noisy environments - including those with a high amount of metal and electrical interference.

Y-TEX packages all these features in a light weight, ISO 11784 compliant tag,  The transponder is encapsulated in a weather-resistant polyurethane material,  The female RFID tag weights only 6.42 grams.  It is easy to apply with the new Y-TEX UltraTagger®plus.  And it stays put because of the Y-TEX patented Snap-Lok™collar design built right into the tag. 

The Y-Tex RFID Tag Animal Management System includes these components:

• Y-TEX Tag Tracker® 2 Wireless Reader
Y-TEX Tag Tracker® 2 Base Station
• Y-TEX Bluetooth
® Tag Tracker (BT3)


Herd management and a whole lot more. Not only will the system allow for the identification and tracking of livestock, it automatically updates files chute-side. Vaccinations, weights, genetics, birth dates, other production history, plus much more. Our readers are compatible with many commercially available herd management software programs all ready available on the market today.

When the TechStar II™ RFID tag is in close proximity to the reader, energy from the reader activates the integrated circuit inside the tag. No onboard tag power is required. Using radio waves, the tag is energized by the reader and instantaneously sends a unique pre-coded identifier back to the reader, which then sends the data to a computer or handheld PDA or Pocket PC. Neither direct contact nor line of sight is required for accurate RFID reading. Tags can be read quickly and accurately in milliseconds through a variety of nonmetallic materials such as dirt, paint and cement.

The Y-Tex TechStar II™ Animal Management System includes these components:

TechStar II™ Tag
• TagTracker™ 2 Handheld Reader
• TagTracker™ Bluetooth Handheld Reader
• BeefLink ™ Software
• HerdData™ Software for Palm OS



About 2 billion producer dollars a year are lost due to pests.

Y-TEX, the industry leader in insecticide tag technology, offers five unique insecticide tag chemistries for cattle. Designed to provide superior control of flies and other cattle pests while combating insecticide resistance. Insecticide ear tags are the safest, least labor intensive, and most cost effective method of pest control. With proper tag rotation, insecticide tags provide excellent pest control year after year, consistently yielding greater economic returns to the producer than other types of fly control.












No ear is too big or too small for Y-TEX identification ear tags.

We offer three different series of identification tags; All-American® 2-piece ear tag system, E-Z-AP 1-piece ear tag system and the 3700 series Feedlot tag. The All-American® and E-Z-AP® have a tag size that is just right for your operation. The 3700 Series Feedlot Tag® comes in 1 size.




Availability: Blank Tags and Stock Number Tags in bags of 25 ship immediately. Custom tags ship within 2 weeks. A new logo design will take 5 days to develop to send to you for approval.


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Tag orders under 25 tags will incur a $10.00 Minimum Order Fee.

Returns are accepted on stock items but unfortunately custom tags can not be returned.

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