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What is a row tag? A Row Tag is a management tool that is used to designate information on the end of a vineyard row.  Made from a durable plastic these tags last up to 10 years. 


What is a Custom Tag?  A Custom Tag is an ear tag we specialize just for you. Custom includes tags that display lines of text, brands & logos, a second line of unique management numbers or dates or names. Not all custom tags require a one time logo set up fee. A one time custom logo set up fee is charged when new artwork is created into a brand. Text is no extra charge only artwork.  All custom logos are then cataloged by the manufacturer for future use and stored in our customer data base in your order history with CCK Outfitters the Ear Tag Co.


Tags can be printed by 3 different methods- Hot Stamp, Laser or Digital Ink.


We recommend Laser marking or Digital Ink for Row Tags.

Laser Marking allows printing of complicated detail. It lasts the life of the tag, resist wear, fading and is abrasive proof. Laser color is a charcoal black/gray or silvery white color on black tags. Allflex uses an advanced laser ink method that puts a layer of ink over the management number only, making it a dark black. This ink will wear over time, leaving the laser beneath.

Digital Ink is a method that Y-Tex has perfected for its tags.  It is a dark black, allows complicated detail for artwork and logos and last 8 years before fading.



How you set up a custom tag depends on what is most important to you as a producer. Since Visual Tags are used as a management tool as well as identification, they should be utilized to fit your needs. If you need to read tags from a far distance, keep the digits of a management number or Row Number large- this means less digits easier to read tags. 3 digits is optimum. Put Vineyard name on the front or your company logo in the neck and Grape Variety is often shown on Row Tags as well as Block or Row numbers.


Decide what is important to you and then design your tag.


Colors can be used as a management tool. Different colors for different Blocks or Rows. 


Availability: Blank Tags and Stock Number Tags in bags of 25 ship immediately. Custom tags ship within 2 weeks. A new logo design will take 5 days to develop to send to you for approval.


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Tag orders under 25 tags will incur a $10.00 Minimum Order Fee.

Returns are accepted on stock items but unfortunately custom tags can not be returned.

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