Custom Tag Ideas


There are hundreds of ways to set up a custom tag - here are a few of the classic ideas



Many Customers use the neck of the ear tag to put their brand or logo.




Or you can use the full panel to display your brand

Lines of personal information fit well on the back of tags


Ranch Names or Information can go above or below management numbers


Deer breeders can put both State ID Numbers and Unique numbers on tags or buttons



These international letters are designated for each year of birth. This custom herd management option is easy to use in conjunction with numbers. For example, B001 and B002 might be used to indicate the first and second calf born in the year 2014. Letters I, O, Q and V are not used in the international designation.

See chart below for designated year and letter.

K 2000
L 2001
M 2002
N 2003
P 2004
R 2005
S 2006
T 2007
U 2008
W 2009
X 2010
Y 2011
Z 2012
A 2013
B 2014
C 2015
D 2016
E 2017
F 2018
G 2019
H 2020
J 2021
K 2022
L 2023
M 2024
N 2025
P 2026
R 2027
S 2028
T 2029
U 2030
W 2031
X 2032
Y 2033
Z 2034

Custom tags allow you to use your brand, personal information, and custom management numbers.

At CCK OUTFITTERS we specialize in Custom Ear Tags.  

Call us and we'll be happy to help you design a custom tag.  800-977-4225

  Below is information and ideas for designing Custom Ear Tags.

What is a custom tag?
A custom tag is a ear tag we specialize just for you. Custom includes tags that display lines of text, brands & logos, a second line of unique management numbers or dates or names. Not all custom tags require a one time logo set up fee.
A one time custom logo set up fee is charged when new artwork is created into a brand. Text is no extra charge only artwork. However, Z Tags has a one time set up fee for both text and artwork. All custom logos are then cataloged by the manufacturer for future use and stored in our customer data base in your order history with CCK Outfitters the Ear Tag Co. Custom tags identify ownership, are effective management tools and advertising pieces that build and promote your ranch and herd.
Tags can be printed by 3 different methods- Hot Stamp, Laser or Digital Ink.
Hot stamp uses a foil dye for a dark, crips, saturated imprint of color with a high contrast.
It comes in black and white. This imprint will eventually fade over time leaving an imprint of the number or letter.
Z Tags can do hot stamp in Black, White or Red.
Laser marking allows printing of complicated detail. It lasts the life of the tag, resist wear, fading and is abrasive proof.
Laser color is a charcoal black/gray or silvery white color on black tags.
Allflex uses an advanced laser ink method that puts a layer of ink over the management number only, making it a dark black.
This ink will wear over time, leaving the laser beneath.
Digital Ink is a method that Y-Tex has perfected for its tags.
It is a dark black, allows complicated detail for artwork and logos and last 8 years before fading.
All 3 methods are useful for different reasons- decide how long you need to use the tag before fading is an issue.
How you set up a custom tag depends on what is most important to you as a producer. Since Visual Ear Tags are used as a management tool
as well as livestock identification, they should be utilized to fit your needs. If you need to read tags from a far distance, keep the digits of a management number large- this means less digits easier to read tags. 3 digits is optimum. Put ranch name on the front or a logo in the neck and other information on the back. If Tags are used to identify your herd in the show ring or at sales or auction- name and logo are more important and the management number can become smaller. Bucking Bulls often have their name prominently displayed on the tag front. Ranch logos can fill the whole front panel with no number necessary. Decide what is important to you and then design your tag.
Colors can be used as management tool. Different colors for different years of birth, sex, or herds.
All tags come in an assortment of colors. If a certain color is a primary need, then search for the color to choose the right tag.

Availability: Blank Tags and Stock Number Tags in bags of 25 ship immediately. Custom tags ship within 2 weeks. A new logo design will take 5 days to develop to send to you for approval.


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Tag orders under 25 tags will incur a $10.00 Minimum Order Fee.

Returns are accepted on stock items but unfortunately custom tags can not be returned.

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