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As early as 1913, EAR TAGS have been used as a means to Identify livestock and Cattle.  Today a variety of EAR TAG designs are used throughout the world on livestock, cattle and exotic animals to ensure herd management, traceability, to prevent theft and to control disease outbreaks.

The original ear tags were steel or nickle plated.  In the 1950's larger flag like plastic tags were developed in the United States designed to be visible from a distance.  These plastic tags were numbered and aided in herd management and breeding.  These original tags were applied by cutting a slit in the ear and slipping and arrow shaped tip through the ear so that the flag would hand down from the ear and be visible.  By 1953 the first two piece EAR TAG was developed and patented.  This tag combined an easy application from the metal tags with a higher visibility and color options of the plastic tags.  It also limited the transfer of disease between animals during the application process by utilitizing the button itself as the piercing instrument.

Today some cattle EAR TAGS contain chemicals to control insects, others use buttons with antiseptic and the modern Electronic EAR TAGS have radio frequency devices that send out a unique management number to a reader.  Yet the original metal EAR TAGS are still used today to identify the date of regulation shearing of stud and show sheep.  Todays EAR TAG industry has many manufacturers in competition with quality and quantity assortments to meet the needs of a varied market place of livestock producers.

Ear tags have been used for decades as basic management tools on cattle and livestock because they work.

Custom ID tags can include:

  • Brands and Other Images
  • Combinations of Letters and Numbers
  • Reverse Side Markings
  • Custom Numbering
  • Bar Codes
  • Herd Management Information

More than 100 customization options are available, giving you the flexibility to develop an identification program that will work for you – from simple to complex. 

Herd Management extends from pencil and paper to computerized data bases.


for more information on herd management options and ideas




























Availability: Blank Tags and Stock Number Tags in bags of 25 ship immediately. Custom tags ship within 2 weeks. A new logo design will take 5 days to develop to send to you for approval.


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Tag orders under 25 tags will incur a $10.00 Minimum Order Fee.

Returns are accepted on stock items but unfortunately custom tags can not be returned.

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