At Allflex, they’re committed to helping people in the livestock industry use individual animal identification as a management tool. As the pace of the livestock industry accelerates, the need for accurate information gathered quickly, is increasingly important. Allflex's challenge is to continually bring products, services and advice to the industry that create workable solutions in real-life conditions.

Company Overview
Allflex is the world leader in design, technology, manufacturing and delivery of animal identification for traceability systems across all production. We bring cutting-edge, practical applications of visual, electronic and radio frequency animal identification technology to livestock industries across the world, contributing to a safer global food supply.

  • Global Network – they have a global network of experts and more than 50 years of experience in animal identification. Allflex has manufacturing and technology subsidiaries in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and China and our products are distributed in 80 countries.
  • North America – their sales and marketing staff traverse the country in 10 regions. Our staff are highly involved in state and regional industry organizations.

Business Philosophy
Allflex business philosophy is important in understanding who they are:

  • Allflex consistently introduces new and improved products based on sound manufacturing and an understanding of how those products need to perform in real-world conditions.
  • Allflex embraces innovation so that our customers have a clear advantage in the marketplace today and tomorrow.
  • Allflex pioneered electronic (radio frequency) identification systems, launched the first custom, laser-marked visual identification tag and introduced the Allflex Global Tag with guaranteed permanent laser-ink marking.

Allflex Global Tags


The Allflex Global Tag System encompasses the latest innovations in livestock visual identification. From improvements in retention to a patented laser-ink marking, this tag offers producers a practical, cost-effective management tool.

Features include:

  • Global Tag design with improved retention collar.
  • Patented laser-ink marking with matching laser-etched number into tag surface guarantees permanent identification for the life of the animal.
  • Self-piercing male makes application easy and reduces risk of infection
  • Packaged in standard sets of 25 (blank or numbered sequentially).
    Other packaging options available upon request.


Global Super Maxi Female
Size: 4 5/8” high x 3” wide

  • Largest panel for management information
  • Highly visible from both front and back
  • Especially useful in cold climates for animals with longer hair
  • Packaged standard with Global Small Male



Global Maxi Female
Size: 4” high x 3” wide

  • Excellent for beef and dairy cattle
  • Packaged standard with Global Small Male



Global Large Female
Size: 3” high x 2 1/4” wide

  • For use in beef and dairy cattle
  • Packaged standard with Global Small Male



Global Medium Female
Size: 2” high x 1 5/8” wide

  • For use in all livestock species but particularly suited for calves, hogs, goats, sheep and ostrich
  • Packaged standard with Global Small Male



Global Large Male
Size: 2 3/4” high x 2 1/4” wide x 7/8” shaft, closed tip

  • Best used for beef and dairy cattle
  • Can be used in combination with any Allflex Global Female tag
  • Packaged standard without female tags (quantities of 25)



Global Medium Male
Size: 2” high x 1 5/8” wide x 7/8” shaft, closed tip

  • For use in all livestock species
  • Packaged standard with Global Small Female
  • Also available blank in packages of 25 without females




 Integra™ Hog Male
Size: 1 5/8” high x 2 1/4” wide x 31/32” shaft, closed tip

  • New shape and centered male stem reduce tag movement and
    improve retention
  • Large panel holds more management information
  • Lays flat to resist snagging and chewing
  • Packaged standard with Global Small Female; may also be used with Tamperproof Small Female with Rotaclip



Global Hog Male
Size: 1 1/2” high x 2 1/4 “ wide x 31/32” shaft, closed tip

  • Longer male stem allows for higher tag placement in the ear
  • Lays flat to resist snagging and chewing
  • Often used in combination with Global Small Female and Tamperproof Small Female tags
  • Packaged standard with Global Small Female



Global Sheep Female and Global Sheep Male
(available with Allflex Laser Marking only)
Female Size: 5/8” wide x 2” high
Male Size: 5/8” wide x 2” high x 7/8” shaft, closed tip

  • Ideal for sheep and goats
  • Provides good visibility without weighing the ear down
  • Global Sheep Female and Global Sheep Male packaged standard in
    sets of 25 - blank or numbered sequentially
  • In numbered sets, both male and female are laser marked



Global Small Male
(available with Allflex Laser Marking only)
Size: 1 3/16” diameter x 7/8” shaft, closed tip

  • Key to the performance of Allflex Global Tagging System
  • For use in all livestock species
  • Self-piercing tip
  • Engineered for superior retention
  • Numbered Global Small Male packaged standard with blank Global Small Female
  • Blank Global Small Male packaged as companions to Global Medium Female, Large Female, Maxi Female and Super Maxi Female tags
  • Also available blank in packages of 25 without female companion



Global Small Female
(see Allflex Custom ID Catalog for Marking options)
Size: 1 3/16” diameter

  • For use in all livestock species
  • Blank Global Small Female packaged standard with Global Small Male, Medium Male, Hog Male and Large Hog Male tags
  • Also available blank in packages of 25 without male companion




Applying Allflex Visual Tags is easy with quality applicators from Allflex. Applicators are designed to meet the tagging needs of diverse customers. They are field-tested and field tough. Review the EID application guide before applying tags for correct placement.

Guide to tag placement:



Allflex Universal Total Tagger

A majority of livestock tagging needs can be handled with the Allflex Universal Total Tagger.

  • A must for applying Allflex Global Tags and can be used to apply Allflex Tamperproof™, and EID.
  • Will apply most major brands of insecticide tags.
  • Deep jaw makes proper placement easier.
  • Grip is designed to ease hand fatigue from repeated use.




Universal Total Tagger Replacement Pin (Red Blunt)

  • For use in the Universal Total Tagger (Red)
  • Use to apply Allflex Global, Tamperproof and EID tags
  • Can also be used with Global Retract-O-Matic™




Allflex Custom ID



Allflex Custom ID is the Producer’s Choice

Ear tags have been used for decades as basic management tools. With Allflex Custom ID, an ear tag can carry more management information with permanent, customizable markings on premium quality Allflex Global and Tamperproof™ Tags with Laser and Laser-Ink Markings.

  • The laser markings are permanent and guaranteed not to fade for the lifetime of the animal.
  • The flexibility of marking options and the absolute permanence of the laser mark has led many Official Programs to adopt Allflex Custom ID Laser Marked Ear Tags.

Custom ID tags can include:

  • Brands and Other Images
  • Combinations of Letters and Numbers
  • Reverse Side Markings
  • Custom Numbering
  • Bar Codes

More than 100 customization options are available, giving you the flexibility to develop an identification program that will work for you – from simple to complex.




 Laser-ink management numbers

Allflex uses leading-edge laser technology to etch custom ID markings into the ear tag. The laser markings are permanent and guaranteed not to fade for the lifetime of the animal.

Custom ID management numbers larger than 1/2” now come in highcontrast Allflex Laser-Ink Marking. Underneath this dark ink overlay is the matching laser number etched permanently into the surface of the tag.

Number 1/2” or smaller feature permanent laser marking etched into the tag.


Allflex Electronic ID (EID)



Allflex pioneered electronic livestock identification with the introduction of the first EID products in North America in 1993. Commonly referred to as Electronic ID, EID or RFID (radio frequency identification), more than one million head of production livestock animals have been electronically tagged with Allflex Electronic Identification tags.

 Advantages with EID

  • Provides the basis to quickly and accurately collect data on individual animals.
  • Eliminates the need for “line of sight” reading necessary with visual and barcode systems.
  • The signal can penetrate body, tissue, wood, plastic, mud, manure and more.
  • RFID, in this application, is passive. It requires no battery so it will last for the life of the animal.


Advantages with Allflex

  • Allflex High Performance Electronic Identification Tags incorporate the most highly used radio frequency identification system in the world, the TIRIS system by Texas Instruments.
  • Allflex’s unique design incorporates an air coil antenna system enclosed within a modified small female tag. This durable tag helps the transponder withstand tough environmental conditions.


Allflex manufactures both HDX (half-duplex) and FDX (full-duplex) tags that meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established RFID standards for livestock identification and utilizes the strengths of the low frequency 134.2 kHz band. This frequency can be read through most materials in wet and dirty conditions and provides a well-defined read zone for animals passing next to the reader.

  • HDX technology is considered the gold standard for livestock electronic identification and offers the greatest possible read distance.
  • FDX technology offers a somewhat reduced performance at a lower initial cost.
  • Allflex is proud to be the only company that offers both technologies.


Availability: Blank Tags and Stock Number Tags in bags of 25 ship immediately. Custom tags ship within 2 weeks. A new logo design will take 5 days to develop to send to you for approval.


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Tag orders under 25 tags will incur a $10.00 Minimum Order Fee.

Returns are accepted on stock items but unfortunately custom tags can not be returned.

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